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Why one-page contracts?

Looking for one-page contract templates that strip out complexity and provide clear, simple contracts for a range of business-as-usual situations? You’ve come to the right place.

Short and sweet

Contracts tend to be unduly long, complex and often incomprehensible. At Source Legal, we knew it didn’t need to be the case. We set ourselves the goal of reducing long contracts to just one page. Once we got going, we didn’t want to stop – there is so much in a traditional contract that simply doesn’t need to be there.

We created our one-page contracts by removing all unnecessary ‘legalese’ from standard contracts, writing them in simple, concise and plain English and, most importantly, by focusing on the substance of the contract.

As we say, we love ‘cutting the crap out of contracts’!

Who created the contract templates? Are they legally binding?

The suite of one-page contract templates has been created by Source Legal’s highly experienced commercial lawyers. Even though they’re short, the contracts are still robust. The one-page contract templates include all the necessary information required for you to create legally binding contracts.

Download legally-binding one-page contract templates that cover employment, employing contractors, supply of goods and services, and non-disclosure agreements, licence of IP, distribution agreement and even sale of business.

Who is Source Legal?

Source Legal is an innovative award-winning law firm that provides the full spectrum of commercial law services on an agreed-price basis. Our clients benefit from quality, practical, no-nonsense legal support, always at an agreed price.

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